Whatever your assets, modest or great, self made or inherited, you owe it to your family to put your affairs in good order for the sake of the survivors. Free Guide to Making a Will

If you do not make a Will the impact on your family could be significant, as your estate would otherwise be governed by Intestacy rules. Free Guide – Dying Without Will. A Will ensures that your wishes would be put into effect, your estate passes as you intend and your family’s future secured. You can also take steps to minimise the impact of tax on the next generation. Free Guide – Inheritance Tax and Tax Efficient Wills.

We offer an efficient and bespoke Will drafting service working closely with our clients to ensure that their exact wishes are well known and correctly reflected in their Will.

Our range of free guides is regularly reviewed and updated to provide useful information on these and many other topics but call us or email with any specific query you have and we will do our best to help.


We have a great deal of experience in assisting clients during difficult times in their lives and we will administer your estate, or the estate of your family, in a caring and sympathetic manner. Our solicitors are able to deal with the probate efficiently.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’ (LPA) allows you to appoint one or more persons to handle your affairs for you either immediately or at a later date if you are incapacitated. Free Guide – Lasting Powers of Attorney. It is a document that needs to be signed while you have the mental capacity to do so.

LPAs are more comprehensive than the previous system of ‘Enduring Powers of Attorney’ (EPA) and offer you the opportunity of appointing attorneys, to manage both your property and affairs, as well as your personal welfare. We can advise you on the options open to you in making an LPA, we can prepare the document for you and deal with its registration.

If you are the attorney of someone who is incapable of handling their own affairs we can guide you through the procedures to be followed to activate the power of attorney.

If you are faced with the situation of a family member or friend who is incapacitated but who has not made an EPA or LPA it may be necessary to make an application to the Court of Protection for the appointment of a ‘Deputy’ to handle the affairs. We are experienced in dealing with the Court of Protection and can guide you through the process.

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