May 21, 2020

We are pleased with today’s decision by the IOPC and its Director General, Michael Lockwood, that “it is unnecessary to criminally investigate Mr Johnson for the common law offence of misconduct in public office (MIPO)”. Mr Johnson has offered his assistance throughout the investigation and has at all times rejected any suggestion of wilful misconduct, or otherwise, whilst holding public office as Mayor of London.

The IOPC has spent a considerable period of time and significant resources reviewing the referral from the Greater London Authority, which made a number of extremely serious allegations against Mr Johnson. The complaint was made to the IOPC with limited supporting evidence and documentation. The Prime Minister maintains that he adhered to all statutory rules, regulations and codes throughout his time as Mayor and conducted himself with propriety throughout.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister stated:

‘We welcome the fact that this politically motivated complaint has been thrown out. Such vexatious claims of impropriety in office were untrue and unfounded.’

‘An independent review by the Government Internal Audit Agency similarly showed the claims made by the Labour Party were false.’

‘This was not a policing matter, and we consider this was a waste of police time.’

Graham Atkins and Moritz Schirmeister of Atkins Thomson have represented the Prime Minister in relation to the IOPC’s Operation Lansdowne review and other related investigations which initially appeared in the media last year.

The BBC’s coverage of today’s developments can be seen here.